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College Essay Help: 7 Proven Strategies to Secure Your Dream School Admission

Are your struggling with college admission, do you need college essay help? The data-centric aspect of college admissions is one of the realities that many graduating seniors must face. As I was applying to colleges, I got the impression that they cared more about my test scores, GPA, and standardized test scores than they did about who I was as a person.

Because of this over dependence on facts, the application essay has become an integral part of the admissions process. Your child’s application essay is his or her one chance to stand out from the crowd of similarly qualified applicants to the school of his or her choice. The essay your child writes is the only way for an admissions examiner to get to know the unique and interesting, caring and thoughtful, curious and daring kid you know and love.

In terms of writing assignments, few things will test a student’s mettle more than the college essay. It is difficult enough to figure out how to put your best foot forward in a few hundred words, let alone create an essay that effectively conveys your distinct value. Even the best writers have trouble with the college essay process because of the difficulty of the task and the huge stakes involved.

Our services in college admissions essay mentoring are geared toward assisting students in developing a strong essay or statement of purpose. Your youngster will begin by brainstorming possible subjects with the help of one of our excellent writing tutors. The process then proceeds through iterations of drafts and changes until a final product is reached that meets the needs of all involved parties. The purpose of this guide is to help you keep your child on track as he or she demonstrates why he or she will be an invaluable asset to the campus community and learning environment. You can have faith that our gifted writing tutors will guide your child to an excellent final output.

Please scroll down to discover more about this fantastic opportunity for high school seniors and juniors to get help writing their college admissions essays from a professional tutor.

Experience Hands-on Guidance 

A private essay coach is the best way to get the help you need to finish your college application essay. Your child will benefit greatly from working with a private coach since he or she will receive the undivided attention of an experienced writing instructor and will be able to progress through the process at his or her own pace.

This is not an academic exercise. Its sole purpose is to guide your child from an empty page to a finished, college-ready essay. Your child and their college essay coach will go through each stage of the writing process together.

Our essay coaching program can help make your child’s application stand out from the crowd, but we can not promise they will get into any certain school. The purpose is to improve your child’s admissions chances by highlighting his or her individuality and the value he or she will bring to the university.

Our Track Record 

You may rest easy knowing that you are dealing with the industry-leader in private, in-home instruction when you choose nursingessaywriters. About 60,000 students have benefited from our services since the turn of the millennium, and we could not be more pleased with our record of achievement. The best universities in the world have accepted our students because of their superior academic performance.

Our success can be attributed to our individualized methods and top-notch faculty. Since we specialize in one-on-one instruction, we can modify our methods to meet the needs of any given student. Similarly, we have a wealth of experience in locating and cultivating excellent educators as a result of almost two decades spent recruiting, screening, training, and managing a team of tutors. Our college essay coaches are a group of highly skilled tutors and educators that are enthusiastic about helping students.

Your kid has matured and grown up, and now they are set to start a new and exciting chapter of their lives at university. You should not hold back from reaching out if you think he or she may use some assistance in the last stages. Your child’s application to college can benefit greatly from our college essay tutoring, which is offered at a very reasonable price. Our college essay help team is well versed and will conduct the necessary research to ensure you get the best college essay help to attend your dream school.

Our Approach to Handling Your Essay 

Proven techniques

Step-by-step, our Unusual Essay Method teaches students how to generate ideas, write freely, shape their writing, and perfect their final drafts. With over a decade of experience under our belts, we can attest to its efficacy. In addition, they claim it works. With our college essay help team, you are assured of a spot at your dream college.

Constant Availability

We do our best to work around students’ and parents’ hectic schedules, offering constant assistance while they write their essays and learning how to do so while keeping their sanity. Our college essay help division works tirelessly to ensure that our clients get into the colleges they desire.

Customization Strategies

A great essay starts with a topic that reveals something essential about the candidate. Together with the students, we dig up the most compelling tales and give old topics new life. Colleges will not accept a boring essay from you. Read how to do research and various research strategies to help guide you through your journey.


Time Limits and Mediation

Time management is crucial when attempting to complete a mountain of application essays in addition to a busy academic program. We are the ones who act as go-betweens for the students and their families, imposing cruel deadlines and expertly nagging everyone into submission. In the end, your feelings for us will not have changed.

Methods for Managing Stress Through Activity

We give pupils the tools they need to prevent writer’s block and deal with the pressures of applying to colleges. Writing prompts are used occasionally. We tend to resort to ice cream more frequently.

The Development of Permanent Skills

Working with nursingessaywriters helps students hone their writing, research, and organizational chops; these are transferable abilities that will serve them well throughout their college careers and beyond. No matter how much you protest, we will get you ready for higher education. Our college essay help team is here to guide you every step of the way until you get into your dream school.

Superior Moral Principles

We provide feedback, and the kids create original content. We have a rigorous framework in place, but ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to put thoughts on paper. All students are aware that the applications they submit are the products of their own original thought and effort.

Telling Your Stories to Colleges 

You come from a special place, and your experiences, hobbies, and character traits are all your own. Describe your experience here (or at least part of it). Writing an introspective essay about a subject near and dear to your heart is the finest approach to share your experience. If you just be yourself, no one will be able to help but notice your special qualities.

College admissions officers read a staggering number of essays each year, and most of them are forgettable. So often, students attempt to sound intellectual rather than authentic. Some students even choose topics for which they have no passion simply because they believe it will make a good impression on admissions examiners.

There is no need that you have launched your own business or hiked the Appalachian Trail during the summer. Colleges merely want to enroll bright, self-directed freshmen who will contribute to the dynamic of the incoming freshman class.

The admissions committee at your dream school reads hundreds of essays each year, and yours is your chance to stand out. Here is your opportunity to prove that you belong in that classroom. Most students find it hard to convince the admissions panel that is why they need college essay help to guide them through the process.

A well-written, thought-out essay that reflects who you are and what you believe in can set your application apart from the sea of other essays examined by admissions officers. As many universities no longer examine standardized test scores, admissions officers may rely on them even more heavily than before. With our college essay guidelines you’ll be on your way to join your dream school!

Strategies to Win Your Admission Officers Over 

1. Always aim for Authenticity

Choosing a topic or perspective that is authentic to who you are should be your top priority.

When writers are trying too hard to sound impressive, their readers catch on.

Lack of authenticity can manifest itself in a number of ways, including the use of flowery language that no one would use in conversation or the selection of a trivial topic that says little about you.

Make use of your unique tone, humor, and manner of speech.

If you are writing an essay, pick a topic that matters to you, not one you think will impress others. You are welcome to include both your strengths and shortcomings in the essay. Strengths could be discussed in terms of an experience, passion, or personality quirk.

Perhaps more than a glib victory speech, the reader will be moved by your honesty regarding flaws in character, situations, or early experiences that you are attempting to overcome. With our college essay help team, you will understand how to move the readers and maintain authenticity.

2. Grab and Maintain the Readers Attention

There are going to be a lot of other people applying for the same spots as you.

Hence, you should begin your essay with a sentence or paragraph that sparks the reader’s interest. It may be a daring declaration, a thoughtful phrase, a question you ask, or a vivid scenario you describe.

An effective thesis statement at the beginning of your essay might serve as motivation as you write the rest of your paper. The goal of any piece of writing is to convey information to the reader, so it makes sense to hook them right away and show them why they should continue reading. Our college essay help team will always be here to guide you through your journey.

3. Ensure you Create and Stick to Pertinent Themes 

Some applicants to college scholarships and fellowships think they can impress selection committees by cramming their essays full of statistics and lengthy explanations of their athletic and volunteer accomplishments. The purpose is not that, though.

University admissions officers are curious about your background and interests.

They are curious in your background now that you have reached this point. They are not simply interested in hearing about how many goals you scored for the soccer team or how many people you fed at the soup kitchen; they want to hear about the insights you gained as a result of struggle. Our talented college essay help team can help guide you through giving relevant insights on various topic matters.

Share with the reader how your personal growth as a result of your team’s victory in the soccer game impacted those around you. Establish a link between the time you spent helping out at a soup kitchen and the motivation you found to continue your education and pursue your goals in life. Which self-knowledges did you acquire? These are the pertinent questions you need to answer in admissions essay writing. Seek admission essay help today to catapult your admissions essay into another level.

4. Do Something Different: Stand Out 

Try looking at the topic from a different angle to make your essay stand out. If you were to compose an essay, why not consider focusing on the lessons you have learnt from your failures, rather than the successes, of other students?

It takes a writer of exceptional skill to use the element of surprise by burying the solution to a question in the final paragraph of an essay.

You might wish to steer clear of overused topics like sports-related struggles and triumphs, stories of helping others, immigrant experiences, new beginnings, summarizing one’s life’s accomplishments, and so on.

Nevertheless there is a good reason why these sorts of topics are so widely read. For the vast majority of people, their life after high school end there. As a result, it could be less crucial to avoid these subjects than to approach them in a new way.

5. Consider Your Audience while you write

If you want your writing to be read and understood, you need to construct an argument in which the ideas are logically connected.

Join paragraphs with appropriate transitions.

Examine your work for any crucial details you may have overlooked. Have you added any information that serves only to dilute your theme?

Be sure you have a response to the question “Does what you have written make sense?” Can you tell if the essay has a structure? Can you tell if the opening sentence or two interested the reader? Is it a satisfying conclusion? Can we assume that you have provided adequate context? Can you tell if it is too wordy? Our tutors and coaches offer the best help with college writing. If you are stuck you can contact us today for comprehensive help!

6. Pay attention to the instructions

While there may not be a hard limit on the number of words required for college essays, most students opt to keep their essays on the shorter side. Because students can utilize the Common Application to apply to many schools at once, it is recommended that their essays not exceed 700 words in length.

The Common Application website warns applicants that “while we will not as a rule stop reading after 650 words,” they can not guarantee that their essay will retain the readers’ attention for as long as they would hoped it would if it is too long.

Make sure the typeface is legible, the margins are appropriately spaced, dialogue is correctly set off, and there is sufficient spacing at the top when you analyze the essay’s technical features. Your essay needs to be neat and tidy so that readers want to read it.

7. Always make Your Conclusion Memorable 

You have skillfully interwoven your points throughout the text, and now they will stick with the reader.

Our final piece of advice is this: make sure to make your points clearly and concisely, think critically on your own actions, and use concrete examples and anecdotes to back them up.

Even though a stellar applications essay will not ensure your acceptance, it just might be the deciding factor if you and another applicant both have stellar grades and experience. Our university essay help is a great place to start on your admission journey. Contact us today!

Keep writing, keep editing, and good luck!



How can I improve my college essay?

Describe your experience here (or at least part of it).You come from a special place, and your experiences, hobbies, and character traits are all your own. Writing an introspective essay about a subject near and dear to your heart is the finest approach to share your experience. If you just be yourself, no one will be able to help but notice your special qualities.
College admissions officers read a staggering number of essays each year, and most of them are forgettable. So often, students attempt to sound intellectual rather than authentic. Some students even choose topics for which they have no passion simply because they believe it will make a good impression on admissions examiners.

What should I avoid in my college essay?

In your admission essay, always avoid cliché, some are risky, uncreative, or just downright inappropriate. Also be careful on the relevance of the topic you choose to write on as it is your first impression.

Do college admissions actually read essays?

Yes, if a university has specifically requested an essay, then it will be read (and often even if they did not ask for it). If the college uses a peer review system, then that will determine the number of readers. There may be as many as four readers.